Missional Living is Alive and Well


“Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into Exile, Pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” Jeremiah 29:7

What a joy it has been to be part of the Oak Hills staff for the past 4 months!  My name is Emily Hooey and I am the new Missional Living Coordinator.  I was hesitant to accept this position, unsure of what I had to contribute.  But at a meeting with all the volunteers who lead various compassion ministries at Oak Hills  I was so inspired and encouraged by all that God is doing through members of Oak Hills, I couldn’t help but want to be a more permanent part of the of the community.  It is also because of that meeting that I want to start this newsletter.   It is incredible and live giving to see all the ways Oak Hills is serving the local community. I want everybody to know what we are up to and what is going on.

My vision for the Missional Ling Blog is to highlight some of your local and international partners each month and provide a list of upcoming service opportunities to get involved with.  I hope you enjoy reading about our amazing ministry partners and are as encouraged as I have been.  I also hope this is a resource you will use when looking to get more involved with what God is doing in Folsom and the world.

Local: HART of Folsom


Last week Oak Hills provided hot meals, fresh clothing, and a warm, safe place for our community’s homeless who wanted to take advantage of HART’s Winter Shelter.HART of Folsom is a community based volunteer organization assisting those experiencing homelessness in Folsom toward self-sufficiency and greater independence.

The Winter Shelter is a joint effort with local church to offer temporary, emergency shelter for people in Folsom.  The Shelter rotates between churches each week December-February.  Oak Hills hosted the shelter Jan 21-27 and Feb 4-11.  It was a great success! One of the beautiful things about the shelter is it gives the guests an opportunity to get to know HART and the services they provide year round.

What we heard from so many of our volunteers is how blessed they were by the experience.  But don’t take  my word, here is what Debi Zacharia had to say, “My volunteer experience was the highlight of my week – truly a blessing.  I will be more proactive next year and sign up a lot more!”

To get involved please contact Judi Alexander: judialexander496@gmail.com


International: Procaim!


Steve, Dawn, Bianca and Sofia Liberti moved to Germany in 2011 to pursue a ministry among an increasing Muslim population and to have greater access to bring Christ’s love to Central Asia, North Africa, the Balkans and Europe.

As the Lord led them to leave their home, He placed them in a community where others forced to leave their homes were settling.  There are three refugee communities within 20 miles of the Liberti’s home.

Last week Steve was asked to bring his Drum Circle beets to a refugee community in Kander & Efringen Kirchen. Activities like this have been going on for the past two years and to this point only women and children have attended.  While a bit unsure of the “long term missional strategy” of this event Steve was faithful to bring his giftings to the community.  Of course God showed up.  For the first time a group of men attended the community gathering. Steve will continue to reach out to Refugees in Kandern & Efringen Kirchen with his Drum Circle.



Get Involved: Folsom’s HOPE


Folsom’s Hope serves the physical, educational, relational, material and spiritual needs of children and their families.

Sutter Middle, Theodore Judah and Blanche Sprentz have lunch time mentoring programs that connects children with a caring, supportive adult mentor once a week during their school-scheduled lunch hour. Mentors have the opportunity to truly get to know their student over the course of the school year — and provide ongoing love, guidance and encouragement. Male mentors are always in high demand.

To get involved please contact Salwa: salwa.kasabian@FolsomsHope.org

kleenexWe are collecting non-perishable food items, particularly canned meals with pop tops, for the Twin Lakes Food Bank and boxes of Kleenex for Blanche Sprentz Elementary. Drop off your donations for these ministry partners at the Mission Booth in the lobby any time throughout Lent. 

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