Relationships Make all the Difference

In September, Kody Renfro’s (Communications Administrator @ Oak Hills) grandmother moved into Folsom Care Center. Since Kody lived just down the street she decided to visit her grandmother daily as much as possible. Though Kody’s grandmother recognizes her, she is not aware that Kody is her granddaughter. Sometimes Kody is a childhood friend, other times she is “one of the neighborhood children”, but most often she is “my best friend”. Kody commented that she is happy to be whoever her grandma needs her to be that day. As she walks in she is not sure what time period they will be in or how their relationship started, but what is beautiful is that there is a relationship.

Although this looks like a blessing for Kody’s grandmother (and it is), Kody is noticing what a gift it is for her. She is learning how to slow down and be more present with others; there is no purpose in worrying about errands and to do lists or incessantly checking the cellphone when sitting inside Folsom Care Center. And after a difficult or frustrating day, sitting with her grandmother for a while tends to put things in perspective, and Kody leaves a little more centered and renewed. That doesn’t mean there aren’t days when she doesn’t feel like going or it feels like another item on the to do list, but she is grateful for the opportunity to make these visits a part of her everyday life rhythm.

Kody is not only getting to know her grandma more she is getting to know other residents and staff. Over time, they made the connection that Oak Hills and Denise Gregorini have been serving at Folsom Care Center through SuperSeniors for years. While helping with Cappuccino Christmas last year, Kody had the vision of inviting seniors. Little did she know that just a few days after pitching the idea her grandmother would be moved to Folsom Care Center. Now Kody has the connections to see this desire come to fruition. Personally, I love this story because it embodies “life on mission.” Kody took her everyday life, used it to love others, noticed that God was already at work, and was able to further connect Oak Hills with the community around her.  I look forward to seeing how life, ministry partners and church programs continue to weave together!


Denise Gregorini and SuperSeniors holds church services at 10:00 AM at Folsom Care Center.  Denise would love to see more children at the service.  The service is not long so you’ll have plenty of time to back to Oak Hills for the 11am service.   If your family is interested in joining please contact Denise at

Super Seniors also has special events throughout the year that are great ways for families to serve together.


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