“Jesus Loves the Little Children”

On August 6th El Dorado Union Public School will be starting.

On August 13th Folsom Cordova’s Public School will be starting.

Right now teachers are prepping and parents are eagerly waiting.  Though it is not time for spring cleaning or New Year Resolutions, the start of a new school year always seems like a time to reset the schedule and evaluate priorities.  Having registered for sports months ago I didn’t consider what our fall schedule might look like.  Last week when I  received our schedule for 4 sports teams, I realized, this fall, we’ll be at a field seven days a week.  My priorities don’t need to be pondered long, they are quite glaring… I value my kids and their desire to play sports.  There is nothing wrong with that, but in this busy season I need to see where God is already at work and where He is leading me.

Children, not just mine, but all children are dear to my heart.  Is it their curiosity, innocents, potential, vulnerability, resilience … I am not sure, but one thing I do know, I want every child to know they are lovable because they are loved by God.  As the school year starts I see so many flocking to school and I wonder what will that child face today? What words of truth will seep into his/her heart.  What lies will be reinforced? What joys to they notice? What burdens do they carry?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary vulnerable is defined as able to be easily physically, emotionally or mentally hurt, influenced, or attacked.  According the World Health Organization youth are among the most vulnerable and poverty is a major contributing factor in vulnerability.  Poverty in Folsom looks very different from poverty in a refugee camps, but in both places are in need of a community that can offer opportunity and the truth of God’s love.

God is already at work in the lives of children and in leaders in our community through The Playmakers, Adopt-A Ward, and Folsom’s Hope. But they need others, invested individuals, to walk with them and Jesus.  Adopt-A-Ward needs people to hold bible studies in juvenile hall, and artist who would like to share their craft, monthly or just once.  The Playmakers, hires individuals to run an afterschool programs to mentor youth on the core values of accountability, commitment, teamwork, and family to prepare them to become people of enduring character who will lead their families and community.  Folsom’s Hope runs after school programs and in-school mentoring programs.  Mentors are always need for elementary and middle school students.

I can see where God is meeting me in my passions and leading me to advocate for others. In just one week I received emails from 3 organizations requesting time to share ways they are caring for vulnerable children.  What I love about each organization is they believe not just in “rescuing” children but addressing prevention, crisis intervention, and reintegration.  It is exciting for me to see others who share the same passion for youth as I do and invite others to be advocates for the future.  As a result, Oak Hills is hosting a Vulnerable Children Awareness night.  The vision is to empower you to partner with organizations that are improving the livelihood of children both locally and around the world.  We will have speakers from World Relief Sacramento, the Institute for Children’s Aid- Refugee Foster Care, Defending the Cause and 3 Strands Global. Each organization will speak for about 15 min and have a specific ways you can get involved.

Please join us Monday, August 27th at 6:30 pm in the Family Auditorium to find out how you can empower the next generation.

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