What Lies Ahead

In 2018 I read Faithful Presence, by David Fitch.  The book looks at seven disciplines that shape the church for mission.  Since reading the book, it seems all I do is viewed through the seven disciplines.  I have also noticed Oak Hills offers people an opportunity to practice these disciplines in a variety of ways, therefore having an impact on what’s NEXT.

The book is so rich, I hesitate to summarize, but for blogging purposes I will.  First, Fitch reminds us these practices are not an end game, but ways to more fully experience the Kingdom of God. Second, each practice is expressed between you and God, you and your intimate community, as well as you and the larger community.

Based on each chapter of the book, questions that continually run through my mind are…

  1. The Lords Table
    1. Who am I eating with?
    2. Who can I share a meal with?
    3. When is it beneficial to fast and pray?
  2. Reconciliation
    1. Am I accepting myself as forgiven?
    2. Who can I offer forgiveness to?
    3. What area’s in my community and world can I begin praying for?
  3. Proclaiming the Gospel
    1. I am recognizing God’s truth in my life?
    2. How am I speaking truth over others?
    3. Where is God’s truth breaking forth in the world around me?
  4. Being with the “Least of These”
    1. How does my personal bias affect the way I read the Bible?
    2. Is everyone around me, like me?
    3. Who do I choose not to see?
  5. Being with Children
    1. I am recognizing my place as a child of God?
    2. Am I slowing down to listen to the children around me?
    3. What do they know, that I don’t remember?
  6. Five Fold Gifting: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers
    1. Can I believe God has gifted me?
    2. Where do I see friends and family using their gifts?
    3. Am I submitting  myself to the leadership of the community?
  7. Kingdom Prayer
    1. How can I pray the Lords prayer for myself, my family and community?

Each post this year will hopefully fill in an example of how these discipline are playing out in the lives of fellow Oak Hillians. You will also notice the disciplines have cross over.

I hope this encourages you to faithfully notice God’s presence with you and his presence in the world around you.

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