Volunteer Opportunities

There is always a lot going on in our local community, and a lot that we can do for those in need in Folsom and surrounding areas.  While missional living includes what we do at home, at school, in our workplaces, and even on the road, it also includes what we do in our community.  Here are some opportunities that may fit with your gifts:

Adopt-a-Ward and Glass Slipper

Weekly Bible Studies in Juvenile Hall or Group Homes that can lead to mentoring relationships for wards once they are discharged.

Contact Rick Johnson at rick_johnson@comcast.net.


Folsom’s HOPE

Lunch time mentors and afterschool tutors build relationships with students which helps meet their physical, educational, material, and spiritual needs.

Contact Salwa Kasabian at salwakasabian@gmail.com.


HART of Folsom

Assists those experiencing homelessness in Folsom toward self-sufficiency and greater independence through mentoring relationships. A variety of volunteers are needed.

Contact hartoffolsom.org  Judi Alexander at judialexander496@gmail.com


New Joy Arts

New Joy Arts is a non-profit organization that exists to lead individuals to recognize their capacity for creativity, experience renewal through creative practices, and revitalize communities to flourish as creative environments.

Contact Angela Houk at ankhouk@mac.com.


Playmakers: Building Youth to Lead and Serve

Playmakers coach and mentor youth on the core values of accountability, commitment, teamwork, and family.

Contact Greg Roeszler at info@theplaymakers.org.


Powerhouse Ministries

Powerhouse Ministries serves families and individuals in crisis with love and mercy to meet their physical, emotional, educational, social and spiritual needs.  To volunteer at Powerhouse go to phmfolsom.org

To be part of the Meal Team and share dinner with the women in the Transition Center contact Emily Hooey at emily.hooey@oakhills.org or sign up here!


Sierra Chaplaincy

This team of volunteers serve the Sacramento-Placerville area as chaplains to the Police, Sheriff, Fire Department, and the local hospitals.



Super Seniors Ministry of Folsom

Super Seniors provides Sunday services and social activities to elderly communities in Folsom.  Help turn pages at a Sunday Service, play games, or read to someone. All ages welcome.

Contact Denise Gregorini at denise@gregorini.com.


Twin Lakes Food Bank

The Food Bank serves families in need in Folsom with supplemental food.   Help sort donated food, tend the garden, or volunteer weekly during the food distribution.  Children over 12 are welcome.

Contact: 916.985-6232 or twinlakesfoodbank.sustaininggood.com


With many of our partners, if you can dream it, you can do it!  We always want to encourage you to use your unique, God-given gifts to bless those around you.  Contact me with any questions or ideas.  I would love to hear them!

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